jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

Random Board Generator

When a game is started, part of the systems responsibilities is to generate a board on which players can play.

The generation of the board is not trivial as it sustains the game play and thus must facilitate a grateful experience from a players point of view. Generating boards that don't resemble a normal world on which cells are just put randomly so that a player can not move naturally in the terrain where he is put would end up meaning a frustrating experience for the player.

Thus it is important to somehow imitate the world we are living in so that continents exist, together with some islands. It is also important to generate certain group of cells in a uniform way, so that e.g. desserts don't border green cells.

When constructing a random board, we should have the following elements in place:
  • Climate: climate will dictate which kind of cells are more likely to appear in certain areas.
  • Tectonic plates: so that these dictate the latitude of the cell and thus the probabilities of being a water, normal or mountain cell.
These two elements should be combined in order to produce a realistic game board.

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