domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

Science Module - Part 1

The corner stone of the science module is the technology. A technology is what enables someone who owns it to produce certain units, constructions, enable political, commercial, diplomatic or economical features. In order to obtain certain technology a user must spend a defined amount of science points and have discovered all the prerequisite previous technologies.

A single technology can bring changes on different areas, for example Industrialism can provide with a new construction called fabric, a new political regime such as socialism, a new unit such as engineer.

At the end of each turn, a player will obtain a number of science points based on the following considerations:

- Number of citizens that the user has dedicated as scientists.
- Constructions dedicated to science (Schools, Universities, Laboratories, etc.)
- Taxes dedicated to science budget.
- Collaboration programs with other players.

The number of science points will be available for the user to assign them to the available technologies, so that if the user reaches the required number of science points for a technology, this becomes available.

Another way to obtain a technology is by sharing technologies with other players. Once a certain level of diplomatic relation among players as well as certain diplomatic technologies are available, players are allowed to exchange technologies in between them or even sell them for money.

Certain technologies can be patented, so that the first player that discovers them is the only owner of the technology and can ask for a license payment to other civilizations. This can happen among those players that reach certain level of understanding in commerce terms and belong to the same commerce and trade agreement.

Players can also steal technologies from other players by using the espionage module (milestone 2?).

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  1. Thats sounds great! also we could add technology depending on which civ you choose.
    Egyptians can discover papyrus instead of paper/ parchment. That one could be cheaper to discover and increase your economy/science until someone discover parchment.